Trophy Lake Trout Make Lake Ontario Fishing Charters an Amazing Day on Lake Ontario

Niagara River salmon fishing charters Buffalo NY

Fishing charter Niagara River

Spring time on the Niagara bar is without a doubt the best time to catch Monster lake trout. Starting in late April depending on ice out. Big school of Lake trout move in the Niagara Bar area of lake Ontario. They are drawn there by the flow of the Niagara river and the schools of bait that are in and around the mouth of the river. There are a couple different ways I like to fish for them. My favorite way is when they are out on the flats is to power troll. Now what power trolling is I have reefs marked on my GPS and what I do is to slowly troll over these reefs using just the bow mounted trolling motor. I using light line and light poles no downriggers or anything like that. I do very well out there. For size of the fish and the numbers of fish this is the place. Many many times the spring derby winning fish has come from this place.. It is the best….
Big Water-Big FISH.





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