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Hello and welcome to living the fish TV we have a great show in store for you today this is a summer fishing trip for walleye on Lake Erie I was able to go there with a good friend of mine Todd Abraham and his wife Jackie and the action was pretty exciting so let’s get right to the show hello friends duck gardener here was living the fish TV and today we are in Lake Erie I’m joined today with a good friend of mine Todd Abraham it’s fellow filt staffer and his lovely wife Jackie we are at Todd’s boat called the gravy along with his big old wall I know we’ve got a big ol run around here we’re pretty excited we’re hoping for a good show so stay tuned alright guys to be legal it has to be 16 he’s actually 15 he’s actually 16 but he’s too small were throwing him back don’t fish on inside yep oh yeah little little air grab that got it there we go there you go that’s a keeper that’s a keeper all right little one we want to get out of water yeah let me get this one in here I think there’s a small one on here actually this don’t do that bring a bow so it might actually be a little bigger jerk we go got a devil if Todd can get his in that’s legal there ro that’s keeper you got a double all right hey mine’s bigger Doug okay what we’ve been using here today is what they call a Dipsy diver this is the Magnum Dipsy diver basically it’s a weighted killed type of instrument that actually takes your lure and you’re lying away from the boat to get away from the boat noise we have it with a spoon on the end and at this point right now it seems like a hot color is a anything it has a pink on it so Todd was up here last week he said this was the same deal all weekend long it was pink pink and purple what we’re doing is we’re letting these dip see bra or dip see divers out about 45 feet from the side of the boat and we just think they’re diving at I mean number there’s actually two settings there’s we have the one it’s set on three which is actually putting your lure and line away from the vote further than setting number one and you think it’s number three is basically running what how deep thought thirty five and then a number one is running without the 40 or 42 feet and that’s where we’ve been pretty successful in here the seniors oh there we go where this one right here yep take it it’s on get it TripIt yeah it pulled hard oh yeah I might not have tripped it he pulled it hard it to be twisted yeah these are Dipsy but hopefully officia are yeah break that’s smaller than the last you’ll be foul hook that’s what happened I got it you got foul hooked another little one but we’re having action and we’re having fun in all the matters captain Todd put me on the fish outside Hey look here right here Hey I thought what that’s a keeper yeah take it oh yeah yeah keeper yeah it’s gonna be 17 check them out put his nose right up against them there Oh 18 and a half all right got a keeper 18 and a half that’s a nice eater all right we did pretty good tonight there’s actually official I think on this one over here but the Sun is starting to set Todd Jackie and I Jackie’s run out of the boat so you can’t see her but Todd’s back here with me we actually had a good night how many did we get in the box ten we put 10 in the box but we threw back another 15 yeah they weren’t always that they weren’t really that big but they were fun catching it so be good to eat got some nice eaters some 18 inches 19 it was a good time thanks to all for taking me out I appreciate it stay tuned for some more shows wired outdoors living the fish TV and twos and cloth well there you have it Jackie and Todd and I had a great day fishing for walleye on Lake Erie if you’ve never tried to outdo yourself to do it at least once because the action can be just out of this world and as a bonus the sunsets over Lake Erie they’re just beautiful hey if you enjoyed the show make sure you follow our other channels and as always thanks for watching livin the fish TV

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