Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario

 Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario – Best  Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario Number 1 Charter

Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario

 Sparky’s Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario will help you find the biggest salmon in Lake Ontario and Captain Sparky is a great teacher who will show you salmon fishing techniques that will help you catch GIANT SALMON on Lake Ontario. Sparky’s Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario will show you the proper ways to cast s well as how to reel in the salmon.

Sparky’s salmon fishing guides on Lake Ontario lives for salmon fishing and has spent most of his life fishing the WNY lake Ontario Lake Erie and the Niagara River for Salmon. You no longer have to go to Alaska to cash salmon. When you go fishing Lake Ontario for Salmon you will want to make sure that you are prepared for the trip because you will find the biggest fish. In fact be prepared to catch the biggest fish of your lifetime.

Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario

In addition to Coho and Chinook Salmon, Lake Ontario offers many other types of fish, but you will most likely get some nibbles from salmon. As you are aware, salmon is the most popular fish in Lake Ontario waters. If you like salmon, you will want to make sure that you take the time to take a Salmon fishing charter on Lake Ontario with Sparky’s Charters and fish until your heart’s content.

If you are interested in fishing for salmon, you should put a Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario on your list must do’s. Gather a few friend together because Sparky’s  Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario can hold up to four anglers plus the Captain. You will be able to have professionals tell you exactly want you are doing right or wrong and how to catch the big ones. You will find that even on days that see no bites, a professional will catch a fish and it will a record breaker. They will even show you all the hot spots to go to have the ultimate fishing trip and the excitement of catching a Lake Ontario salmon is a thrill that every fisherman should have.

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You can book some trips from May on.  Sparky’s Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario is open for season and so are the salmon.

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If you have been wanting to learn to salmon fish on Lake Ontario you have come to the right place.

For world class Salmon fishing on Lake Ontario Call Captain Sparky

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Salmon Fishing Charters Lake Ontario


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Below is information about Olcott NY from Wikipedia the whole article can be found at:,_New_York

While the info below is not about Fishing Charters Lake Ontario Olcott NY  it will still be useful to understand how the whole family will enjoy their stay in the area.

Olcott, New York

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Olcott was known for its Coney Island-like beach attractions and attracted tourists visiting nearby Niagara Falls, New York. Many of these attractions have closed, however, after the decline of the City of Niagara Falls and a prolonged economic downturn which has hard-hit all of Niagara County. Slowly, efforts are being made to bring back this economic prosperity that the region once saw, and so far has been a success in Olcott. Heritage tourism has become quite popular in Niagara County, and new festivals include the Olcott Pirate Festival as well as a famous car show that takes place during the summer.


Just a short 20 mile drive northeast of Niagara Falls is the small town of Olcott, NY. Olcott fishing  is a top destination for anglers  for the last 20 plus years. The little town of Olcott was awarded the title of Ultimate Fishing Town by The World Fishing Network. If you are looking for an adventure catching BIG FISH on Lake Ontario contact Captain Sparky the go to guide for Fishing Charters Lake Ontario Olcott NY.