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When you got there Frankie got the first steal out of day all right that’s the way to start the show all right been out about five minutes and oh man I don’t even get my bait in the water that’s the advantages of not having to help run the camp I know I know I’m a hands-on kind of guy and there he comes well look at that beautiful deep we got a first steal out of the day all right how did you know it was a steelhead um Rhonda Niagara oh that’s right it’s still hot time we rd them we’re gonna add them it’s a nice silver fish it looks like it just came up into the river folks this is a well-used Neff look at these guys got things everything Ellis passes on that’s not but anyway folks I’m Jim Hanley or host the Northeast outdoors and we are on the lower Niagara River today with my good buddy kept in Frank Campbell and we are fishing for well hey we’ll start out we’ll say we’re fishing for steelhead because that’s what we got right here and we’re gonna a little later in the show and we take you out on Lake Erie to do some walleye fishing showing you the techniques that we use with Dipsy divers and worm harnesses make you a successful walleye fisherman very pretty fish and a beautiful day here on the lower NAG River the sun is shining it’s warm and what more could you ask for way to go nice little steel you start the day you’re gonna go swimming Jim all right all right folks don’t go away we’ll be right back with more great fishing on the lower dagger River yeehaw and there she goes welcome to Jim Hanley’s Northeast outdoors today’s show is brought to you by Gander Mountain we live outdoors mercury outboards number one on the water bask at boats total performance bass boats Greater Niagara sportfishing world-class family fun and Gillogly Chevrolet central we’ll be there everybody’s got their favorite spot and no matter where yours is there’s another spot that’ll probably become your second favorite Gander Mountain there outdoors people like you they’ve got great prices and they understand that when it comes to where you get your gear about the only thing an outdoor store can’t camouflage is inexperience Gander Mountain we live outdoors there’s something new at the top of the food chain supercharged four stroke outboard and the only power system of its kind anywhere the revolutionary luxury holeshot to top n it delivers unmatched power and acceleration all in the quietest outboard ever built CY all other of boards are history mercury Verado take charge this portion of Northeast outdoors is brought to you by mercury outboards number one on the water Frank what do I do now it’s been a while we actually are the moves fats but there there are fish in this river what do I do now like a fish I can see I’m already looking at he’s a Laker oh yeah he was acting just like a lake trout yeah gotta remember to water 32-degree yeah well it’s a big and to anybody male what a pretty one nice nice it’s been so long since I caught a fish I forgot what I was doing here it’s taking a little bit of lie yeah that’s that’s one important thing that we should know is we’re using pretty light line we’re only using eight pound test pronto gotta have a good drag system around now are your real should I say you’re right usually don’t have drag systems on there no they change the real only this feels good it’s been a long time since caught a fish because I blew my arm out yes folks you can wreck yourself even as a fisherman you could see how Jin clear the water is I mean our leaders about seven foot long and you got another foot and a half a line in the water so he’s down seven eight feet right now beautiful there she is gorgeous fish all right that’s a football rainbow usually we’ll talk about football Browns that folks all right just just in case you wonder who we are and what we’re doing I’m Jim Handley your host of northeast outdoors and I’m fishing today with my my best fishing buddy Captain Frank Campbell and we are in the lower nagger River launched out of Lewiston and this is a beautiful example of a winter steelhead here on the Lauren a group that fish is just fresh out of the lake we’re only a couple miles from the lake right we’re gonna let her go and let her go into her business good go back and get it now that’s you again some other day and there she goes all right hey uh let’s let’s show the the viewers to this monster hook now folks catch a fish that size look at the size of that hook what is this a number 12 exercise 10 hook a pen now catch a fish of about 8 pound steel head on that side you go oh my god that’s like what we used to use for catching shiners a bluegill hook as you saw coming up the fish you know we see it a long ways down it just tells you how clear our water is and you got to make adjustments you know accordingly and one of the adjustments is trapping hook size line size even the size of swivels we’re looking at a smaller swivel sometimes that’s really important and you mentioned another thing before about you went to black swivels as well I’ve got a gold one on here but you’re you’re starting to run black ones as well this this swivel on this on this line right here Jim is uh the hook is big enough to catch a big fish too it just stuck in the back of my pants we got to throw that one back that’s actually a small black SPRO swivel right I like the SPRO suppose because I’m not trying to push them but it seems like they’re smaller and they’re certain they’re just as strong no and they also come in this nice black color but you also have a bead here let’s tell us people about what this beat is what the bead basically for as far as when you’re reeling in a lot of times people are excited you know they got they got the fish going but this bead what it does is as you’re as you’re pulling it up and you’ll pull it off to the very top right it won’t let the swivel stick in the top top I all right can I more bait it is that my phone that’s your motive for the day one minute or a day if you lose it you’re done and a boy Frankie I’m gonna clear a line here get out of your way I feel bad for it cuz it’s been so long since you caught one come on give me some credit I caught one at least three or four years ago and again folks I’ll call your attention to this net with its repairs look this is now this is a real fisherman’s net he’s got a little rope here to fill it in one spot a little piece of yarn here another yellow yarn it’s kind of like like war wounds it’s like a lucky hat you just can’t get right you know that’s right and a front it’s only a half hour show well the thing about it is we didn’t leave the area where we caught this deal right there just moved out a little bit you just say you’re gonna do it spot a little bit see if we can get a lake and there is big old lake put that nut on them oh look at that like I did it before there we go look at lamprey scar quite a scar too looks fairly fresh – there’s a lamprey scar and he actually puts pong or whatever it is right in there with teeth right and they actually cleaned up well we could show a little piece of video real quick buddy they actually get right in there and just take the life right out of them but he was fortunate to get rid of them yeah this fish I mean it looks like a fairly fresh wound yep yeah that’s a nice Laker probably 3131 in nose probably about 12 pounds so very nice see a lot of fish like this I don’t fish yep we’re gonna let him go and we’re gonna go to a commercial break okay go ahead and let that baby go we’ll get that again what we’re hearing amidst all the rods and what not and here’s Frankie’s technique of letting him go we’re just gonna plunge him treat us first and off you go

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