Lake Ontario Fishing Charter

Lake Ontario Charter Fishing by Sparky's Charters

Lake Ontario Giant Salmon, Steelhead & Trout

Lake Ontario is the last link in the great lakes before entering the ocean by way of the St Lawrence Seaway. To successfully fish Lake Ontario start early in the spring right after ice out with shore line trolling for spring time brown trout. As the water warms we move on to one of the best times on the lake for Salmon.

In the spring everything comes alive and the salmon are on the move and hungry. We only fish a few miles offshore for these silver fish. When the Lake warms up and the temperature starts to set up a thermo cline we often move further offshore. This kind of fishing offers us a mix bag of King Salmon, Big Steelhead and Lake Trout that will last all summer.

When the fall approaches the King’s begin to stage up before their run up the Niagara River. At this time of the year they are at their heaviest weight and put up a good fight, they get really mean for some reason and it’s a lot of fun.

Lake Ontario Fishing Charter King Salmon: May-September

In the spring, we hit the water trolling for these silver giants of Lake Ontario. The method that works best for King’s is to troll with an assortment of different spoons, flashers, and flies. There is no better sound than one of the rods takes a hit and the drag starts screaming and the pole doubles up with a big boy on.

I fish the Lake all summer and into the fall. The fall is when the salmon stage at the mouth of the Niagara River, before running up the river to spawn.