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All right hi folks I’m Jim Hanley your host the Northeast outdoors and on today’s show we’re going to be tagging along with professional walleye fisherman marc Brumbaugh Marc fish is the PWT as well as a lot of other professional walleye trails all across the country is going to be showing us some great techniques for deepwater trolling on the Great Lakes or suspended fish you’re not going to want to miss this show Gander Mountain welcomes you to Jim Hanley’s northeast outdoors today’s show is brought to you by Gander Mountain we live outdoors mercury number one on the water Ranger Boats still building legends one at a time mighty taco open every day at a.m. Garvin brothers investments private capital management mo rants electronics we lead we find you win motor guide never stop and Steve bulldoze family of dealerships drive assured we’ll do more for you alright folks once again I’m Jim Hanley or host the Northeast outdoors and as I said in the open of the show we’re fishing with professional walleye fisherman Marc Brumbaugh he’s fishing for deep water suspended walleye on Lake Erie take it away mark yeah whoa nice fish oh cool just seen the move this is a good one Oh smokes look at size of that fish ah well folks my name is mark Broome ball today we’re fishing Lake Erie trolling crank baits and spinners and I just caught this one on a new reef right reef runner deep little Ripper it’s a little Ripper with a big bill now it’s a deep diving lure with snap weights and we’ll get him unhooked said before we’re using mmm reef runners new deep little Ripper and I’ve added some tape to this one but it will dive to a its maximum depth on ten pound test mono twenty-two feet at 210 ten feet of line out today we’re we’re fishing you know we’re fishing in 85 feet of water we’re trying to catch we’re trying to concentrate on 45 to 55 foot is what we’re catching the fish so what I’m doing is I’m going to let this out we’re going to run it with a snap weight system and I always want to check and make sure your lures are tuned tuned properly what I do is let it out pull it sure it’s run right okay now we’re going to let it back approximately 90 feet five – that pass six roughly eight to nine feet depending on how bowl your school is how many feet line is per pass now we’re going to put a run a 3-ounce snap wait in front of it just clip onto your line just just clamps on pretty simple you just rubber pads put the line between the pads and let it close down on it I’m gonna run them back another 10 passes seven I’m ten right now we’re going to put the planter board on this is Offshore’s a tattle-tale flag so it allows what it’ll do is when you see the flag go back you know you have a fish fish on for the light biters and put this on just put the line in the pad give it a little slack between first clamp and the second one snap and you can adjust it to so whenever you just pull four on a little bit you want the flag to go back there’s a different adjustments on the front for spring tensions depending on the size of lure you’re holing and will let it out slowly and I’m using 10 pound test mono Berkeley XT that’s about all I use for trolling open water trolling anyway I use a lot of fire line for contour trolling when I want to feel everything that’s going on down there I was just letting this one out and this is a Dipsy and one just whack it as I was letting it letting it out slowly and we’re running snap weights and dips ease and these are just some of the tools you can use when you’re trying to obtain you know like like I said before a reef run or Laurel dive to 20 feet at 200 feet of line well if you want to try to get that lure down to 40 50 60 feet there’s a couple different ways you can do it you can either use downriggers or we’re using the snap weight and the Dipsy is another do anything the dip see you can use spinners behind it or a small shallow running crankbait this portion of Northeast outdoors has been brought to you by Garvin brothers investments private capital management everybody’s got their favorite spot and no matter where yours is there’s another spot that’ll probably become your second favorite Gander Mountain their outdoors people like you they’ve got great prices and they understand that when it comes to where you get your gear about the only thing an outdoor store can’t camouflage is inexperience Gander mom we live outdoors at the toughest tournaments it’s all about making the right choice the right spot the right rod the right lure and especially the right engine back use more pros trust the smooth reliable power of mercury on boards than any other big boat our small mercury is the pros power of choice make it yours there is a place where people still care about real quality and innovation where ideas aren’t limited to an eight-hour clock performance is measured by your total satisfaction and attention to detail is a celebrated way of life welcome to the Ranger family real people 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walleye fisherman mark brumbaugh he’s fishing for deep water suspended walleye on Lake Erie watch these techniques folks you’re going to learn a lot now you can see here here’s what the difference would be when you get a fish on see how that board is pulling back the Roger Lee Banting the flags down now if you look over to our right the other board you can tell the difference this is this is a good pulling fish here No same program got that reaper under deep-diving little Ripper 93 ounces of 90 so we’re pretty far back here plus is the three ounces it in snap weights is all real dependent on speed I mean if the faster you go the less less they’re you know the less depth you’re going to gain the slower you go the deeper they’ll go there’s a there’s a book out at rollin precision trolling book it has a chart in there it tells you about how how how much you’re gain and I’m guessing I’m going to guess I’m gaining pretty close to another 2530 feet with that three ounce snap weight taking off the board is a very critical part because what you don’t want to allow is slack in your line so what I do is I’m pretty good at take them off by myself and I can feel everything that’s going on I bring it up get it up fairly close to the boat and you don’t want to back the motor down yet when it keeps because the motor is actually helping you keep tension but I do is bring it up and you want to keep the line as straight as possible as you can towards the efficient and the lure to do is to bring it up this fish this is a good one take off the back snap and I grab it get the line pretty much straight so when I take off the first one the line doesn’t jump way up here create slack if you create slack that’s what will cause you to loose some fish so now then I might back the motor down a little bit and when you’re fighting a fish like this you really don’t want to start reefing on them pumping and jumping around you just want to keep good solid tension on make sure your drags not too tight so if he does decide to make a run a lot of times they won’t make a run till they see the boat get close to the boat now we got to snap wait do the same thing with the snap wait you want to take it off nice it is just it’s a lot better on the fish and I tease the landing net that’s another nice walleye there he goes back fight another day we better put a couple more of these out oh there we go No there’s another nice nice walleye this portion of Northeast outdoors has been brought to you by mercury number one on the water out here you’ve got to be able to trust your equipment as much as your instincts everything has to be right all the time especially your engine that’s why more pros run mercury outboards than any other engine saltwater or freshwater big boat or small mercury is the pros power of choice make it yours they’re America’s most innovative total performance fishing machines and with more best-in-class features than any other tournament rig they take an acceleration 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dialing 800 three three eight seven eight nine zero four log on to Niagara – don’t let this one get away everybody’s got their favorite spot and no matter where yours is there’s another spot that’ll probably become your second favorite Gander Mountain there outdoors people like you they’ve got great prizes and they understand that when it comes to where you get your gear about the only thing an outdoor store can’t camouflage is inexperience Gander mom we live outdoors remember your brother asked where to go for a new truck sure we told him to call Steve Aldo but he was looking for a Ford and Steve has two Chevy stores well give him a call Steve headed forward to his family of dealerships I’m Steve Aldo inviting you to our first board authorized sales event I’ve got explorers 4 to 12 Tauruses for 179 per month and brand new focuses for 136 plus get a Dell computer let the other guy pay your toll we’ll save you thousands Steve Aldo fortnight to the steel although this portion of Northeast outdoors is brought to you by Gander Mountain we live outdoors the tackle tip of the week is brought to you by Gander Mountain all the gear we’re using is available at your local Gander Mountain location crawler on harness get the head you know put the head towards the towards the lure like this sometimes the squirmy crawlers are hard to get on there he was threaded on there and then kind of stretch him out just second hook so he’s not all balled up so it kind of looks streamlined when you throw him in the water when you put him in the water make sure they don’t get all twisted up okay now then the dip see we got a at a six foot mono leader six to seven foot with a rubber snubber that just a shock absorber because now when you get a strike on this you only got six seven foot a line there that’s taking all the stress because I’m using some super braid fire line from my real time to the dip see it’s got a release and you set it for different tensions just by tightening loosen the screw I set it fairly light so what happens is when you get a fish he pulls on it pops it loose and you reel it up while you’re dragging it your line is pulling back here which forces this thing to dive down dive down deeper now you can also change the sides that you want it to go out on you can make it go out and up to the left or to the right depending on which side of the boat you got it out on and we got this one on a one setting I was running to back about 70 foot that’s pretty much straight under the boat so now we make sure everything the spinner spinner is all straightened out and looking good slowly and slowly let it down don’t let it down faster it’ll spin up and you have a mess slowly let it down and a lot of times like that last fish I caught when you’re letting it down slowly a slight signs a little you’ll trigger a bite is it’s it’s slowly falling down through the water this portion of Northeast outdoors has been brought to you by mighty taco open every day at a.m.

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Garvin brothers investments private capital management lawrence electronics we lead we find you motor guide never stop Steve ball those family of dealerships drive assured we’ll do more for you and also by the Greater Niagara hotspot map solar bat sunglasses sun line fluorocarbon bra trap Daiichi hooks mojo lures Pflueger fishing tackle Navionics the Buffalo Niagara Convention and Visitors Bureau the Buffalo Bisons and Rich’s I’m your announcer Don cobiella we’ll see you again next time somewhere in the great northeast outdoors you .

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Lake Erie Walleye Charters

Here is the transcript of In-depth outdoors TV where they featured Trolling for Lake Erie Walleyes

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Stay tuned for the biggest fish the hottest fights this week here on in-depth outdoors with James holes under the hat ah how’s that an incredible fair and the rest of the I do fishing team we’re headed to the best Fisheries across the Upper Midwest and Canada will fish longer explore unfished bodies of water and go further off the beaten path in search of the hottest bites in fresh water with coughs wheel what and Joel nil this is an absolute this is in-depth outdoors on today’s episode of in-depth outdoors we are a long way from home standing on the shores of Lake Erie where we hope to get in on what is arguably one of the best walleye bites in North America and we’re here at the right time we’re here third week April which is usually that peak time period where guys can come out here on this big body of water and roll up both pre spawn and post spawn walleyes and huge numbers so we wrapped up our show last week on Sturgeon Bay where we were fishing for those brown trout casting we noticed there was a really favorable stretch of wind’s coming to this area which is very important for anglers headed to this destination if you can get some easy seiz’d efficient that makes this fishery all that much more enjoyable now I’ve never fished here before my fishing buddy today will be Adam Rasmussen he’s got a little experience on this body of water but believe me between the two of us this is basically a new fishery to us so we’re looking forward to learning something about this great lake and putting some huge fish in the boat today on in depth outdoors ready to go catch some walleyes first guy insured gets to eat free tonight I’m glad we made the drive yeah it’ll be worth minimal sleep a lot of driving now water temperature and water clarity plays a huge role in being successful out here on Lake Erie if the wind kicks up water clarity on who can just go horrible and the fishing can follow suit it’ll get really tough this place can go to mud in a hurry and when you got that dark brown muddy water it’s very hard to catch them out here so now the other hand you really don’t want that crystal-clear blue water either right so you know technology is great right things just keep getting easier and easier for us anglers I mean electronic keep getting better but one of the things that that we’re going to use out here to help us get on fish quickly is we’ve got satellite imagery now of the lake you can actually see the water clarity differences from space and tell us about it as long as you have a clear day like this it’ll you’ll get you know three to four pictures a day on modus imagery see the search Lake Erie motifs imagery we got it right here on our phone and we can see where that there’s still a lot of brown muddy water out there how about the week we can see where the clear stuff is obviously we aren’t gonna have coordinates on it right now but we can get pretty close dress cut up at the island sounds good let’s do it here we go so as we get started here today really what we need to do is put together a program that allows us to target these walleyes that are suspended out off the structure here and right now we’ve got overcast conditions so I’m looking to find a mix of colors that I know perform well under cloudy conditions like this like this UV green and we are expecting some Sun later when colors like that chrome blue should be very effective and you’ll notice that a lot of these baits they’re very long and thunder slender in profile they’re not your shad style baits they’re what is referred to as kind of that banana’ body shape so we’re going to mix in some baits like that some of my other favorites would be like a tail dancer number eleven this is purple decid phenomenal color out here on the Great Lakes so all we’re doing is we’re just changing the amount of a line we have out between that planer board and the bait so my plan right now is to kind of mix things up I’m going to be heavy on the UV colors because I know that they’ve been producing well of late and what I plan to do is on my outside board I’ll run 125 feet my middle board will be a hundred feet and my closest board to the boat is going to be at seventy-five feet and that will give me that nice stagger I need and then I’m going to mix up the colors real good and Adam is doing the same on his side of the boat so we’re just paying attention to which baits are producing well and swapping out the ones that aren’t and in the time it took me to talk about what I was going to do Adams already got it done well here’s one here’s one for going back got it heavy what’s really cool about how you approach this trolling presentation is you’ve got these huge schools of walleyes and they’re you know for Minnesota for guys that are used to talking about schools you know three four six ten fish it’s hard to appreciate how huge these schools are out here 100 thousands of big walleyes in one small area and they’re all woven from the east it’s deeper water over there to the east and their head and West into the western basin here they got to pass through these islands so what a lot of guys do and what we’re trying to do is use these islands as a funnel the wall has got to come through these narrow areas to go to the west so this is what we’re trying to ambush them and right now we’ve got just kind of real broken up water clarity looking off of the north I can see real clear water here we’ve got some pretty decent color water temperature 43 44 degrees pretty much prime time here for Lake Erie all right look you’re feeling ah he’s not all that but I like him he’s better than my first white bass come here big walleye stay hooked up stay hooked up yeah nice fish there is that I see a post boner huh both spawn long lean nice fish though and based on her water her skin color there she’s kind of washed out a little bit must be spending some time and some dirty water huh yeah look at that that’s not a the coloration of an open water Roman fish that spend a lot of time in clean water probably uh you know 27 inch fish she just recently lost a lot of weight so we’re gonna fire her back and know that she’s dropped dead she’s gonna really repeat the process and head back to the East’s where she’s gonna spend her summer not that there’s no fish down here in the western basin but certainly there’s a very predictable movement to these fish all right back you go that was pretty cool goodbye off she goes are you compromising like the fishermen – WX 2060 and the MX 2040 from Skeeter boats loaded with a long list of standard features anglers want at an unbeatable price including a Yamaha BMX sh o 250 horsepower outboard yamaha t kicker with remote controls moretz HDS 12 gen 3 touch at the – anna MinnKota 112 Altera on the bow the WX 26 t priced is 61 495 the new winx 2014 Christ is 64 95 more comfort more standard features when you move up to a WX 20 60 or MX 2040 you get more of everything yep better than that board absolutely there is you know we got to do we’ve got to go a little micro trolling runs here because it’s like every time we go to pull up lines I get a fish yeah I think it feels like another ds1 you know what that’s the exact same pink UV is it yes it is starting to put a little bit of a pattern together yeah the pattern is threatened to leave and go up on another pass and catch a fish boards go off this one’s got more weight to it than that last one that bar just whoo buried nice well slow and steady like those bigger fish – thank you sir oh I got one on this rap hahaha there’s no board on it hey when we’re reeling in I unclip my board off of this one I’m like I’ll just leave it in the rod holder until we get this fish in and well I’m gonna throw a waypoint or nob well now what do we do just let me know when you’re ready for the net and I’ll set this back in the rod holder it doesn’t feel as big as he did or you can deal with that what I’ll just uh I think I got this one myself ah don’t ya just decent one yeah I guess I stand corrected let’s look at her post born huh yep well that’s a good fish I’m not sure this is ideal but it looks looked good yeah oh I need to hit the gym oh nice Hey that is a long mama there how far are you I am the old 30 feet 30 feet alright I’ll try to hurry here look at that boy she would have been something else about three or four days ago don’t you figure long fish this is why guys come to Lake here your course most guys myself included would prefer to see that fish full of eggs a little bit more impressive when they have that big old belly on them but that fish just t-boned that bit no way I’m getting that up with my fingers they’re gone that one look at that looks like UV is the color to have right now that was all green you definitely add some length to it huh I mean that fish is that’s getting out there towards 28 inches or so yeah that’s a solid fish Pole spawn you’re sposta slower pre-spawn alright well yeah I’m gonna fire mine back alright back you go mama walleye see you later straight to the bottom alright another average fish not quite as big as yours but that’s cool to see a double yes it was we’re getting on the right deal particularly with the the rod and the rod holder I looked over and it was just doubled over straight behind the boat so let this girl go and I think we should spin around quick and change some stuff up get some more UV baits at that same same part in the water column and agreed see how many we can get on at one time this is a place to actually get four or five six fish on and then test the strategy see if a guy two guys can handle six fish at a time exactly I’m up for a challenge all right we’ll see you later there she goes cool shadow wrap shads a jerk bait with a secret move when you pause the lure slowly Rises tell you man makes fish come unglued Oh are you compromising like the fishermen from the first time you pick up a tuned up custom rod you’ll know you’re holding something special a rod not mass-produced but built one at a time by the hands of gifted craftsmen rods like the precision ice fishings most versatile multi-species rod or the precision noodle with a tip so sensitive you’ll never fish a spring bobber again and the commander the rod that’s never met a big fish it could best tuned up custom rods ice rods handcrafted for you and the way you fish know something’s gonna start to break out so biggest thing that I like to do what I’m trolling I think as well as a lot of other guys is I want to make sure you’re trolling with the wind when you like this it makes life so much simpler and you get a more steady speed so we’re just using the ball mount today and actually using remote control the steerer sand we can fine tune our speed on it is every tenth of a mile or will make a difference so we’re trying to stay in that one five to one seven because the water is cooler so on each time that we get a fish on obviously one very important thing to do is drop a waypoint on that spot there’s nothing to line up landmarks or anything out here so GPS is important drop a waypoint on that pot of fish and odds are you can go back up and make another pass catch a few more and do it again and again and again they’ll keep you on those schools of fish I think one other thing out here too that’s I’ve noticed over the years of fishing here is study was in a kicker motor using that trolling motor to kind of keep things quiet because these fish are so high in the water column I think it definitely allows you to get a few more bites at the end of the day James there’s one inside board got it drop a waypoint on that thank you this feels like a good fish it looked good when that bar run back it felt really good you don’t kind of noticing a pattern here it’s not so much color or speed it’s mostly side of hope that’s cuz I’m a good guide and I’m turning the boat so your boards are on the inside running just a little bit slower so what good guides do but it’s all UV today no question about it thank you sir it is heavy feels really heavy this one is by far the heaviest I felt not as big as I thought who’s gonna be good it’s got a big head on it though oh man that one that the chunker I like it heck yeah alright yeah that is a big good one here you hold me at your rod I’m gonna steer the boat here and that’s a pre-spawn or a partial spawner I mean she’s still got some chub to her look at that that’s what a guy comes out to Lake Erie to catch drive all night long she might be all spawned out or maybe a little bit of egg mass left man we’re getting some absolute shucks well you know we’ve only been here a couple hours that’s already living up to you know the reputation easily yeah see you bye that is a nice fish and we’ll get bigger I’m sure we will outside outside oh yeah it’s a steelhead and just smoked it that’s awesome not bad good fish nice it’s all yours man all right still taking me by size hey it’s a wonderful position to be in and a body of water to fish where you can say that that’s kind of like the bottom end of fortune we’re gonna catch out here ahead alright back later fish mmm cool deal purple that’s it official Bashan yes I do oh it’s heavy hope you like a good fish oh boy honking slows down a little bit now I’m gonna have to bigger than his heels here they’re all nice ones yes they are that’s that blue chrome on number 12 husky jerk man she just dug in huge well show than that what’s the old rule of thumb you get some Sun you throw out some chrome great yeah whoa I just saw a big head shake yes sir this fish is digging all good fish good fish I can feel it that’s t-boned it – I like it nice thank you sir thank you oh man that one’s a pre spawner big old belly honor I like it you gotta hold that net for me thank you got it we have had some very aggressive lights today every one of those fish just has that thing just t-bone look at that that is enough performing a trick that’s a nice yep absolutely that’s uh probably yeah it’s not a 30 but that’s been closed you can really tell the difference and just an extra two pounds between that’s a nice fish Jim this is a big heavy care failure feel that fish on the rod that my farms my biggest fish of the day very nice hahaha all right go make some babies sure thank you sir Thanks job this again returns at the lucky side of the book I love it picture some driver I all about the driver I will do be credit for that because I will own up to the fact that this guy said he was gonna speed up the boat to see what would happened sped up the boat and it was like a minute whoa big especially today this winner set a trap for your next trophy with I fish Pro ideal for all species I fish Pro is an innovative fishing system that allows an angler to use their favorite rod and reel instead of trying to manage the fish and over home complete your ice fishing arsenal with I fish Pro tactical ice gear that puts the fight back into tip-up fishing fight Isis KO on ma at I fish Pro calm or at your favorite sporting goods retailer everything you’d expect from a premium quality fish house and so much more glacier combines superior craftsmanship and premium quality materials to produce a comfortable and enjoyable mobile base camp for your next outdoor adventure available in a variety of models a glacier ice house offers more standard features more usable space and a better fit and finish than the competition visit our website at glacier ice to find a dealer near you and see why a glacier fish house is the ultimate way to play shallow wraps adds a jerk bay with a secret move when you pause the lure slowly Rises tell you man makes fish come unglued Oh as we’ve got deeper into the day one pattern it’s become kind of a universal is the green UV and the pink UV to some extent is really they’re taken off as far as the color of choice for the fish the chrome colors are using midday when we had some more sunlight on the water they’ve just fallen dead so right now I think if you wouldn’t did a little hole here all six lines have some form of UV paint scheme on them put simple facts they’re just catching the fish and nothing else is middle board middle board Oh heavy fish get this one out of the way for you yeah this one flying back man how much line you got out on this I’ve got the bottom 15 I got 125 middle area get it on yeah this guy has head in the east man we have piled up a lot of nice fish today we have is your inside board going it is double doubleheader beginning I got them all the racket huge isn’t with yours let her buck Greg for a little bit yeah this has got some weight like I’d bear down on the drag here a little bit but don’t lose I love it when you can see the head shakes in the board as it goes back thank you yes sir oh yeah let’s good god him I’m gonna start working on player right there let’s his fish just sit in the rod holder light takes off my Quaker board alright I’m at about thirty feet I’m just got bigger how does it do that alright you’re standing in the net see what I can do here there I got you got a big fish let’s get this one oh yeah – nice fish that’s a happy fish there boys she gone nice oh that’s a nice fish buddy nice fish all right you got that I got this I’ll try to get this fish out of there in a hurry it’s like that other double we had were you beat me well all about the lucky side of the boat right but that fish another one that’s probably not gonna hit that thirty range but definitely upper 20s all right so you got that one out of green UV – oh yeah this one’s on green UV also look at that tanker goodbye yo belly grab there he had me beat once again oh it all comes down to luck of the draw right good sweet deal another decent fish yeah that’s always fun when you get doubles absolutely alright well let’s get these back out and see if we can get another one No all right well do ya lookin good they sleep you’re outside birds going back you mind your own boards here I’ll give you a hand all right I think it’s another pretty decent one am I not that we’ve had pretty penny small fish today at all I went back a hundred and sixty-five foot this time let’s get a little bit darker they’re starting to drop down in the water column oh this one found it oh yeah when you get that board off and you can finally feel the fish you can kind of tell it you know it’s not a shaker heavy always good when you’re lying is going down uh-huh well the few small fish we did have UT they come up to the surface pretty quick I mean this is the main difference his big girl stayed down oh man heavy she just said nope we’re headed alight oh not a giant but a decent one huh got him she was hooked all about foo barred your nest yeah perfect she was hooked right on the top of her mouth so as I was bringing her in she had her mouth open wide you know that’s a great fish anywhere and a great fish to end the day I’m gonna let her go see you later she’s in a hurry this body of water Lake Erie has lived up to all the height I mean I’ve heard about it for years decades never had a chance to get here on open water just love the fact that we got to get out here and do it ahead of time when you know we got a little bit of win the day we tried the time our arrival where we’d have some real favorable calm seas sometimes the weather guys aren’t quite on their mark right no big deal we’re still able to get out here you catch a bunch of fish and Adam you did a phenomenal job driving the boat today it’s been a blast it was fun to come out here it’s nice to be back and as good as it’s ever been so what’s on tap for the rest of our time here we promised that we were going to put together a show based off a one day’s fishing that’s what we’re gonna do it we’re done but we’re gonna keep fishing so I think we’re gonna do tomorrow’s we’re gonna try some jig fishing I think that’d be fun cuz for the guys that don’t like Patrol you know you can come out here catch walleyes a whole bunch of different ways so maybe we’ll make a second show we’ll show guys what we figured out as far as the digging bite but Adams you know from Adam Rasmussen and I thanks for watching everybody we’ll see you next week good times for more info on the latest fish reports gear recommendations and hottest techniques connect with us online at in depth outdoors calm or follow us on Facebook at in-depth outdoors and if you enjoyed today’s show be sure to let our sponsors know you you

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Lake Erie Walleye Charters

HUGE Lake Erie Fall Walleyes (Tips+Tricks) Lake Erie Walleye Charters | Sparky’s Charters Lake Erie Walleye Charters

Best Walleye Charter Lake Erie Buffalo NY


We transcribed a video we found on the internet that we thought would help you with walleye fishing on Lake Erie. If you are looking for a GREAT Walleye charter on Lake Erie Contact us at (716) 418-6632

– All right, team, charge! ♪ Take me out on the water – We eat, fish eat. ♪ Way out in the woods (gun shot) ♪ Where the breathing is easy ♪ The living is good ♪ Out in the great outdoors – Welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. We’re sponsored by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Lynch of Mukwonago, Big Snow Resort, Hard and Soft Fishing, Suzuki, Wings Over Wisconsin, Dick Smith’s Bait and Tackle, Kmiec Law Firm, Komelon Measuring Tools, Vexilar, Deep Freeze, Cold Snap, Norm’s AG, and Jiffy. And Remember, it’s a great day to be alive! ♪ Great outdoors Holy moly! (rock music) Hey, welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors. Tonight, we’re down in Ohio and actually fishing Lake Erie, and guess what, we’re a little bit late. We actually ran into a traffic jam down in there. One of the semi-drivers forgot to hook his trailer up right, and that was laying in the center of the highway. So, we’re about an hour and a half late.

Sorry, you guys. Tonight, we’re fishing with Josh from RS Nuts, and we’re fishing with Mark, his buddy here. And her, Mark, you guide out here, don’t you? – Yes. – Okay, tell us, you know, what is, I mean, we just came from the landing there. There was like 20 bullets in there. And everybody had a mad rush to get out here. Tell us what’s going on. – Lake Erie’s premiere fall night bite has started, and it just started probably three nights ago. – Okay. – Usually it starts end of October to beginning of November. This year, with the water temperature being up, it’s probably about three weeks behind. – Holy cat! So, you’re looking at a lot of good fishing coming up yet, huh? – For the next couple of weeks, it’s going to be great. And the lake is packed right now. They have a fall brawl contest with the biggest fish in a six week period.

– Okay. – It’s a $25 entry. It pays out about $20,000 to the winner. – Woo, not too bad. Not too bad at all. – So, it’s packed because almost everybody that lives around Lake Erie has entered in. – And they’re fishing this tournament. – Yes. – Wow, that’s awesome. You know, when you think of Lake Erie, of course, number one walleye fishery in the world, no doubt. And when it comes to great lakes, this is, I fished this lake many of times, I’ve never seen so many big fish in numbers of fish. And you know, Mark, tell us, I mean, do you think we have a shot at a fish that can be in that 10-pound range tonight? – Oh yeah. Last night we pulled probably 40 fish in hours. – Holy cat! – With two that were over 10. And uh numerous eight-pounders. – That is incredible. I don’t think there’s too many places in the country you can come out and try to catch that quality of fish, and we’re going to be basically trollin’ tonight, right Mark? – I mean, everything we’re going to be trolling a perfect 10 behind offshore boards.

And, uh, some Rapala, Husky Jerks, HJ-14– – Okay. – And there’s very short lead. Maybe 12 to 15 feet back, so your bait’s probably only running, you know, one to three feet deep. – So, them fish are right up on the top of that water column. And what are they feedin’ on this time of year? – Right now, the mouths of all the rivers are loaded with shad, emerald shiners, I mean, the bait balls that are on the screen, we just made a pass through before you got here, the bait is off the charts– – Astronomical. Hey, stay tuned. Let’s see what happens up here on Lake Erie.

And we’re gonna be using our RS Net to net a bunch of these fish. So, stay tuned. Let’s see what happens tonight out here. – The Badger Sportsman Magazine and Larry Smith Outdoors are teaming up once again to bring you more great outdoor prizes. This time, we’re giving away a Frabill ice suit, three Beaver Dam tip-ups, and a Jiffy propane auger, a package valued at $1,400. With your entry to win this awesome ice-fishing combo, you will also receive a complimentary issue of the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Wisconsin’s premiere publication on everything outdoors. To enter your chance to win, visit today.

– The Warrior Story continues with the best tracking, driest ride in the injury. Designed with a high degree of dead rise and bough flare to push water out and down for a smooth, dry, comfortable ride. The Smart Trolling Keel limits bough drift for enhanced boat control in the wind, and with a lifetime haul warranty, Warrior Boats are built to last. Warrior Boats: A Legend Reborn.

(electronic tones and smashing) – The new Acme Rattle Master has a built in echo chamber with a brass rattle that calls fish in. The body solid’s brass too, and won’t bend or dull, and reflects fish-attracting light all over the water column. This one-two punch of sight and sound means you drill less holes because fish come to you. Jig it, rip it, or shake it for crappie, walleye, northern, salmon, or trout. And experience multi-species action with just one bait. – Wings Over Wisconsin: a non-profit organization dedicated to natural resource restoration, preservation, and education with youth and community involvement.

With cooperation with private landowners, state and federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin has been a leader in the preservation of our natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying in Wisconsin, for Wisconsin. For information about how you can join this great organization, or how to start a new chapter, please visit (exciting music) – Hey, Josh, what do you got going on there? – Well, we just got a pull back on the inside board. – Yep, not too bad. I’ll get the board for ya. – No telling yet, but it feels pretty heavy, so. – Yep, gonna be the first Lake Erie fish of the night here. (suspenseful music) Bring him in. Nice. Nice fish. Very nice fish. That’s the nice part about these nuts. I’ll tell you that. There is uh– That’s a nice fish.

Nice job. Got to love that. First fish of the night out here on Lake Erie. Look at them pods of bait and all the fish laying inside of there. That’s incredible. I mean, we’ve been going for probably about a quarter of a mile now, and that bait has just been solid. – This is starting to get pretty heavy. – The fish is getting bigger? – Yeah, this fish is pretty big. (motor engine whirring) – Nice! – That is a big fish! Holy moly! – That’s a dandy. – (laughing) Yeah, it is. Two in a row for ya! Holy moly! – Yeah, that’s a lonker. – Look at that fish! – It’s a good ‘un. – You guys, I’ll tell you what. This is Lake Erie, and there’s no way that there’s any place that you can catch consistently fish that are this size.

– Well, 29 on the button, anyway. – 29-incher. That’s sweet, sweet fish. – That’s a nice fish. (slow music) – Oh, nice fish. I see him back there. Definitely nice fish. (water splashing) Nice fish, there you go. Gotta love that. Nice job, Mark. All right. Nice fish. Very nice fish. Hey, Mark, I’ll tell you something. You know, the great part about what we’re doing with this show is we get to fish with a lot of different guides like yourself, and different fisherman, and it’s really unique the things that we run across. And I’ll tell you something: I gotta ask you a little bit about these rod holders that you have, because I’m gonna tell ya, I think they’re some of the best rod holders that I’ve ever seen. What do we have here? – These are made by Cisco, which is a local company based right here in Cleveland.

– Okay. – And out of every rod holder I’ve every used, I’ve never found anything as nice as these. – Can you show us actually how they all function, too? That’s pretty unique. – This is their tube. They have a quick release here so you can go up and down. – Right. – For whatever angle you want. And if you can– I don’t know if you can zoom in on this little sprocket. – Right on the bottom right there. – And as you pull up, and– – Holy cat, so any position? – Any position you want. – Now, that just slides up and down that track too, as far as where you wanna position it. – Yeah, you– Yeah. – In the boat. – Cisco makes the tracks. They have them gimbal mount. I mean, they can rig it for any boat that there is. This is their tub model. They have cradle models, which are very popular for Lake Erie when you’re deep sea fishing.

They have short cradles, long cradles, they have trees, which these trees are great for running boards. – Yeah, I think them trees for muskie fishing, what we do up on the Green Bay would be awesome. Look at that. – I mean, these things are so sturdy, that, I mean, I don’t think your muskies are going to hurt these. – Right, and you’re saying also with the Cisco mark, that’s got a lifetime warranty on them, too, huh? – Yeah, these have a 100% lifetime warranty. So, I mean, when you buy them, you get the best of the best, and you have no worries, because you can’t hurt them.

I mean, they’re pretty much indestructible. Not only that, but the other nice thing is they do make electronic mounts. – Yeah, the gimbals on, these, you gotta show these. These are– – The HDS-12. – I’m used to using another product, and I don’t think I’ll ever buy that product again, ’cause these things are solid. – Same thing. You have your quick release. Same thing. You can actually put a riser on that if you want to bring that up six inches, eight inches, any custom size. They’ll customize any length you want. – Okay. – I put a Cisco mount here. You put a Cisco mount up front. You can transfer that HDS-12 up here, if you’re jigging in the river.

You know, you’re sitting up front, you’re gonna put it up there. You’re trolling, you can put it back here. And, uh, these will not, I don’t care, I’ve been out here, you know, six, seven footers, and that electronic mount, when it’s locked, that graph is not moving. – She’s not moving a bit. Boy, when you start talking these big units like this, there’s a lot of weight there. And for that not to be bouncing up and down, you know, that’s pretty impressive. You know, when guys are looking for these Cisco mounts, how can they find them? They just go online, or? – Uh, yeah, it’s Cisco Fishing Systems. Dave Logan is who you want to talk to or Denny, and they’d be happy to– Oh, hang on! We’ve got a blue board going back here, pretty screaming back. – Nice, nice, nice. What are you gonna say about this one? You’re not gonna tell me it’s a 30, are ya? – It doesn’t feel like it. I said that at the beginning of the last one, so. – You did. I’ll tell you, what a ball out here. – It feels like a good one, though.

Another board’s going back on the other side. – Yep, another one. There we go. Got a double going here. – Got a double goin’. – I’ll get the board. Oh, that’s gonna be a nice fish, I think, Josh. Look at that board just laying right down. Mark’s got one on the other side here. – Here comes board number– – Ooh, there’s a lot of weight here. This is double hands. – Big fish, yeah. – Unless he’s hooked sideways, there’s a lot of weight. Holy man, I’m not kiddin’ ya.

It is a tremendous amount of weight on this fish right here. – There we go. (laughing) – He got by me the first time. – If it’s not chaos, you’re not– – Right? I love chaos. – Nice walleye there. – Yeah, there you go. Nice fish, I’ll tell you that. I can’t believe it. There is a few smaller fish in this system. – Yeah. If this is what you call a smaller fish. – Right, they’re not all 29 and 28 inchers. Nice job. (slow music) Hey, I’ll tell you, Mark, what an incredible fishery. You know what? And this fishery is like this every fall, you guys catch these fish like this, you know? And, I mean, tell us how we can get ahold of ya, if guys want to come out and do this type of fishing. You guys charter for this. And you actually work for Gary, right? – Uh, I help Gary out when I can. – Yeah, let’s call him over.

– Gary just come in from a charter. – Hey, Gary. – How are you? Hi, how are you? – Good to see you. – Good to see you guys. – You guys had a big fish tonight too, I heard. – We did, we did. It’s, like you said, it truly is an amazing fishery. To be able to come out here. It’s the walleye capital of the world. – By far. – And this trophy time for us, you know? The spring and fall, it’s trophy time. And this is a unique experience, because you get to fish at night. – Yes. – I always say, if you’ve never done it before, you have to do it. – Try it. – It’s like riding a roller coaster for the first time. You know? It’s that amazing. And when yu get people out here, they actually get a dead cut. – Right, I can see how it is. I’m thinking to myself, well, I’d like to come back and do this tomorrow night, and the night after that. – And the night after, and you know, it’s a drug. You just want to keep doing it and doing it.

And when people do it, this has grown to such an incredible nighttime fishery. You know, ten years ago, you’d get out here, there’d be 30 boats on the water. – Right. – Now we have 1,600 contestants in a fall roll. – Holy cats! – The first place prize is $20,000. – Right, and that is absolutely awesome. – All this has grown over the last eight or nine or 10 years. And for trevor boats like us, it’s great, because these people get in the brawl, and then we take them out, and not only are able to do a charter, but we have a chance to catch a monster fish for them, you know? Which is even better for promotion and everything also. – You ain’t kiddin’ about that. – So, it’s fantastic. – That’s awesome. Hey, Gary, let’s tell the folks out there, if they wanna come out and they wanna do some chartering with you and your guys, how can they get ahold of you? – The name of our charter business is called Blue Dolphin Charters. – Okay. – We’re on the web at The phone number is (216) 849-4954. We have four or five great captains.

My son’s a captain. Mark’s a captain. We have a couple of others. We can definitely get you out on the water for a great night of fishing. – And, you know, this time frame goes from when? Tell us what the time frame is for this fall nighttime fishing. – Typically, our fall bite starts in the middle of October, and as the weeks go on, the fishing gets better, and the fish get bigger. So, depending on what kind of winter we have, we can actually be out in the water from mid-December, third week in December. – Holy cats. – Actually, the colder, the better. – Right. – Because as the water gets colder, these fish feed more, they’re maturing their eggs more. So like, a fish that you caught tonight is ten pounds. In another three weeks, that fish will be 12 or 13. – Holy cats, talk about putting the feed bag on. – Yeah, I mean, they’re just absolute monsters. – That’s awesome. Hey, and I’ll tell you what, if you guys wanna experience some of the best walleye fishing in the world, give Gary a call. And just remember, like I always say, what a great day to be alive.

– Absolutely. (suspenseful music) – I’m Mark Greene. – I’m Patrick Lynch. Welcome to our all-new Lynch Mukwonago Dealership. – The brand-new Lunch Mukwonago Dealerships have over 500 new Chevys, Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, Rams, and pre-owned vehicles in-stock and all priced to sell. Stop by and check out their massive selection of trucks and SUVs, perfect for all your fall outdoor sports. – You do the driving, we’ll do the listening, ’cause I want you to love how you feel in your new ride. ♪ Nobody sells for less than Lynch. – From the equipment we use to the clothing we wear, the developments of modern ice-fishing technology only serves to make the time that we spend on the ice with our friends and family more enjoyable. And there’s one product that has stood the test of time for over 30 years, and that’s Vexilar, the most trusted name in sonar. Three generations or ice anglers have been using Vexilar Technology. And Vexilar continues to earn the respect of anglers all across the ice belt. Time to create your own memories. Visit: – At Jiffy, we pride ourselves at being number one in developing the best propane drills on the ice.

It’s why our engineers have worked side-by-side with anglers for 65 years running. (drilling) All built and tested right here in the USA. Patented proven performance is Jiffy’s vision for the future, and from where we stand, the future looks pretty darn sweet. Jiffy: we put the world on ice. – The new Beaver Dam titanium tip stick is the first ice rod with a built-in, extendable titanium spring bobber. Making it the most versatile ice rod ever. Extend the bobber for ultra-light pan-fish jig, or retract it for game fish or when it’s time for travel. It even has a built in raddling handle to attract a fish. It took a while to come up with an ice rod worthy of the Beaver Dam name, but when we did, boy, we nailed it. (glass smashing) (gun cocking) (sizzling) – Hi, Shotgun Chef here at Kettle Marine High School. Mrs. Sarah called me up. I got the kids from the culinary class. I’m going to teach them a few steps on how to cook today, make wild game.

The first one we’re making is venison. My own sausage recipe. It’s on the website. Biscuits and gravy. Girls, what’s your names? – Megan. – Kayla. – Kaitlin. – Megan’s gonna be making the sausage. – The other two girls are gonna be making biscuits. Start putting some more sauce in there. Let’s go, come on. Break the biscuits open. We got, uh, this recipe, guys, for on Saturday morning, you kids are gonna make it for your parents. I have the heat set at medium to medium-high right now. And she’s stirring it up.

I wanna break it up real good. Do me a favor, guys: do not take the sausage out of the pan. Leave it in the pan when you’re making this. And do me a favor. Look at the time. Look at the time when you put it in. – 1:58. – 1:58, holy– – That’s not right. – Yeah, okay, there we go. 7:29. 7:29. What is, aye, what’s the rule? You read this before you put it in. What does it say? How long? – 13-17 minutes. – Nice, nice. All right, let’s help her out.

She’s struggling over here. She looks like she’s nervous. I’m going to show you guys in a little bit what we do when we’re doing the segments of cooking while you’re waiting for this stuff to get done. What you want is, this is a cool substance with a hot one, so you don’t want to just dump it in. It just curdles all the stuff you’re making. That’s perfect. Now, let it simmer. So now while it’s simmering, guess what we do while we’re simmering? Dance, man. Ready? What do you gotta dance? – Oh, let’s go. – Let’s go. Cha-cha. (laughing) Now you do it. (laughing) Ah, man, you guys are the best at making biscuits.

Those are the best biscuits we’re gonna have all day. Ready? We’re gonna ladle over the top. Grab some forks. – (cheering) Shotgun! – That’s what I want to hear. We’re talkin’, we’re talkin’. Yeah! Dig in, ladies. Grab a fork. Let’s go. – Here’s a fork. – Remember, don’t spit it out if it’s no good. It’s got to be good. You guys made it. – I can’t cut it. – Yeah, you can. – This is a little difficult. – Plastic fork. – Ready? – I’m not ready. – One. – Two. – Three. Dig it. Watch out, it’s hot. Let me see. I’m ;not afraid to use your fork. Let me see how you girls did. Larry, you’re missing out on a bunch of hectic stuff here. Come on up. Don’t run the camera man over. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, watch out. – No, just eat right out of the pan. What the heck? (laughing) – Larry Smith Outdoors at Kettle Marine High School.

Biscuits and gravy. What do you guys all say? – Thank you! Bye! (cheering and clapping) (harmonica) – Badger Sportsman Magazine: Wisconsin’s Premiere Outdoor Magazine. Fishing and hunting in Wisconsin. Written by outdoor enthusiasts from Wisconsin. Each issue features timely fishing and hunting articles from experts across the state. Badge Sportsman Magazine will help you make the most out of your time in the woods or on the water. Subscribe to Badger Sportsman Magazine today. (suspenseful music) (exciting music) – Hey, Josh, you got us on a river here. And I don’t know if you know this or not, but I saw a bunch of signs up there that said canoes and kayaks only, because it’s too shallow. And we’re going down here in this Jet Dry.

Holy Moly. I’m telling you. Some of the stuff we went through couldn’t have been more than three inches. – Yeah, well, this is the kind of boat we need to do what we’re doing here. We’re fishing in a fairly small river system that turns into a bigger river system as we go. But, to get from hole to hole where these Pike are wintering, Larry, I mean, some of these riffles are only four or five or six inches deep. – Ooh, I was watching that. I was definitely hanging onto the side there.

– Yeah, we need the lightest jet, though, that we can get, and the highest ride that we can get to get to some of these spots out here. – So, what are we actually looking for? And let’s tell everybody what we’re doing here, Josh. You know, we’re going to be doing some Pike fishing. You’re gonna be catching them on fly rods. I’m gonna use some spinning tackle, and try to catch ’em on that. But what are you looking for? You’re looking for the deep water? – Well, we’re in a transition point right now, Larry.

– Okay. – So, we’re going from basically kind of the fall period of the pike fishing to the winter pike fishing. So, we’re in mid-November now. It’s starting to cool off a lot. So, these pike are receding to the places that are just the deepest. So, we might go two to three miles sometimes in-between spots. – Wow, okay. – Because there’s just a lot of dead water that’s too shallow. These pike have moved into these deeper areas. Just like behind us, there’s a great big deep ledge here. Those pike can sit either on top of that ledge and look out across the river, or they can sit down low in some cover and they’re just waiting to intercept the various suckers and shiners and chubs and chad that move through the river system.

– Well, that’s awesome. You know, stay tuned. Let’s see what happens here. I’m very interested to see you catch some of these pike on that fly rod, for sure. (fun music) Here we go. Got a pike. Boy, I’ll tell ya. I saw that fish come from right underneath that log, Josh – That’s awesome. – That was absolutely cool. Nice fish, too. – Yeah, not a bad fish at all. – That was absolutely a ball! You know, you gotta realize, we’re fishin’ this river. It’s a tiny, little river. And to be catching fish on it. I would never even think to fish in here. Bite! There’s fish! Nice fish. Here we go. That’s a nice fish. Boy, he came off from the other bank right there. And I’ll tell you, holy cats.

– Yeah, they’re really turned up. They can fight right now. – Look at that. That’s a decent fish. Nothing wrong with that one. – Cool. – Good deal. Nice job! Nice deal. Woo! Gotta look. Nice job, Josh. Slow down, slow down, slow down. Take your time. Take your time. That’s a big dog. Ah, big fish, big fish, big fish. Ah, that’s a nice fish. Look at that fish. They don’t look that good. Ooh, that’s a nice fish. Woo hoo, baby! Gotta love it! I love it! You know, that was absolutely awesome, because you know what, we were heading back up river again, and I said, hey, all right, let’s get outta here. You know, we got a long trip back here. And you said let’s stop. You know, give her ten minutes. That’s awesome. That fish came right out. I never saw him until he got ten feet from the boat.

You know what? That pretty much wraps up our show for this week, but, you know, Josh, I know there’s a lot of people, a lot of our watchers out there, that are gonna want to come out and experience this trip. Tell everybody how they can get ahold of you guys. – Best way to do it is to look up Mad River Outfitters. That’s who I dive for. They’re based in Columbus, Ohio. You can go to Or they can call them at (614) 451-0363.

– And I’ll tell you what: we had an absolute awesome time down here in Ohio, and we will definitely be back. And, like I always say, just to remember, what a great day to be alive. (splashing) – See the fliers in the net? Fliers in the net. – Oh, okay. (laughing) – There’s a lot of fliers. – We call them back home eaters, Josh, just so you know. – Eaters? – You guys call uh 10 EE6 28-inchers eaters.

– I call them dinks. – We call those orlandos. – Orlandos? – Yeah, you just need an orlando bun. (Larry laughing) .

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Best Lake Erie Walleye Charter

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Walleye Charter Lake Erie
Sparky”s Lake Erie Fishing Charters is top of the line fishing charters on lake Erie for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Trout. Lake Erie has become  known for it’s huge walleye. World class walleye fishing on Lake Erie near Buffalo NY.

Fishing Lake Erie walleye at time can be a challenge, however Sparky’s Charters lake Erie walleye and small mouth bass charters consistently gets the BIG fish. Sparky’s Charters is a charter guide service you can count on not only to cath the big fish but also a safe time in Lake Erie waters.

Captain and Fishing Guide  Sparky aka Mark McGranahan takes pride in his Lake Erie fishing charter boat.
Fishing Lake Erie for walleye, steelhead, smallmouth bass, trout or perch  is an experience you will always remember.

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