3 Things to Consider Before Buying Your Next Family Tent

Camping is one of the great American traditions. Not only is it a good excuse to break away from the modern world and live a simpler, quieter life (if even for just a few days), it’s a great way to make memories with friends and family that will last forever.

That said, one of the keys to a successful and enjoyable camping trip, is comfort, and comfort begins with a quality tent. Not only should it help you feel safe and protected from the elements, it should be lightweight, easy to set up, and have a layout and design that suits your family’s wants and needs.

Think About Size

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Before you buy your next family tent, consider the overall footprint—how many adults and kids do you plan to house? If it’s several, you’ll want a shelter with a substantial amount of square footage, and likely a high ceiling for better headspace.

Think About Functionality

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Next, think about the layout—how many storage pockets do you need, is there a mesh storage area on the ceiling or a fabric loop to hang a light? Most importantly, do you need some sort of divider? Many large, family-sized tents today come with one or more removable partitions that can turn a one-room tent into one with two or more individual rooms.

Examine The Quality

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Finally, take a close look at the construction of the tent. The best ones are built with water-resistant fabrics, rigid poles, have large, screened windows for ventilation, and include a rain fly that blankets the majority of the tent all the way to the ground.

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